In September, Google began testing an “Omnibox Visual Modernization Update” to revamp a core part of the mobile browser. Chrome for Android is now rolling out a redesign to the Material You address bar that adds more dynamic colors.

When tapping on the Omnibox, Chrome’s address bar is no longer housed in the same pill-shaped container seen when the field is not active. This new shape is slightly taller, more rectangular and in line with Material You.

Search results, websites, and other suggestions that appear below are no longer just text on a light/dark background. Rather, each is now housed in a map that has a lighter background than the rest of the screen. This redesign introduces a lot more dynamic colors than before (text and Omnibox only), while borders help make the page less cluttered without too much of an impact on the amount of text that appears.

This design is quite reminiscent of Pixel Launcher’s Unified Search and brings that experience to non-Google phones. Compared to the December iteration, it feels less like launcher search because the field you type in now has a container. Previously there was no border, although the transition between the pill and the rounded rectangle is slightly jarring.

After appearing in the Beta Channel late last year, we’re now seeing this address bar redesign in the Stable Channel with Chrome 109, albeit a server-side update. . All but one of our devices today have this new look, while we haven’t come across it naturally on the shelves yet.

If it’s not live for you yet, use the flag: chrome://flags/#omnibox-modernize-visual-update.

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