After many false starts, the Google Pixel Fold finally seems to be on its way, and now a case model of the device gives us additional insight into what the physical hardware, hinge, and inner screen will bring to the table.

YouTuber Dave2D has obtained what appears to be a case model of the Google Pixel Fold, which he claims is “dimensionally accurate” to the actual device Google has in the works. Although this model is devoid of any smartphone hardware, the design and shape matches previous leaks.

The case model here shows off a remarkably thin device at 5.7mm, 0.6mm thinner than the Galaxy Z Fold 4 when unfolded. We also get a good look at the device in hand when closed, confirming that the screen will be larger than Samsung’s Fold devices, as we’ve shown in some previous dimension-based mockups.

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A closer look at the inside of the device also strongly suggests that Google’s device will have somewhat thick bezels, at least by modern standards, on the interior screen. This allows the phone to have a camera that is not integrated into the screen by using cutout or under-display technology. The glasses were measured at around 5-6mm. A mockup of what the device looks like with these alleged bezels can be seen below.

The video also previews the hinge, seemingly confirming that Google’s foldable won’t have a gap like Samsung’s devices do today, but it closes flush. This implies that Google will use a “teardrop” style hinge, similar to the Oppo Find N2, in which the screen sinks slightly into the hinge when the phone is closed. Samsung is rumored to be adopting a similar design on the Galaxy Z Fold 5 to help reduce visible screen crease.

Dave2D says he was told the Pixel Fold will have a similar hinge to the Oppo Find N series.

The video goes on to point out that the speakers are positioned top left and bottom right on both sides, which can lead to better stereo sound in either direction. Samsung’s foldable speakers position at the top and bottom of the left side of the device (when unfolded), while Oppo positions its speakers at the bottom of both halves.

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